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6 Degrees Citizen Space

6 Degrees is two days and three nights of culture, debate and dialogue about inclusion and citizenship in the 21st century. For more information and the event programme, please visit

Letter from the Co-Chairs of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship

We founded the ICC in 2006 with a simple idea: make sure that new citizens feel welcome and become engaged Canadians. Our programming speaks for itself – our unique Cultural Access Pass, cutting-edge citizenship ceremonies, and our intrepid insights program, which asks those new citizens how they feel about their lives.

From the start, we’ve encouraged conversations and influenced thinking around inclusion and citizenship.

Is there an issue more globally urgent than finding ways to create truly inclusive societies? In so many places, and in the minds of so many people, this ambition now seems unattainable. The ICC disagrees. With our 10th anniversary coming up in 2016, we believe it’s time to lend our voice, with passion and authority, to the discussion. It’s time for a public platform that explores inclusion in the 21st century, and does so with the belief that progress is not only possible but necessary. It’s time for 6 Degrees.

6 Degrees is for all citizens – whether they be in business, government, arts and culture or civil society – who want crucial issues raised and practical solutions proposed. Our methods are bold and unorthodox and our outcomes involve concrete actions. You haven’t seen anything like it before.